Monday, May 9, 2011

reincarnating dreams.

my husband during our honeymoon at Thailand. :P kekeke.

i was 7 and my ambition was to become an artist. i was 12 year old and my ambition was to become a doctor. i was 13 and my ambition was to become a surgeon. i was 15 and my ambition was to become a child doctor. i was 17 and i have no ambition. mainly because i don't know if i can realise those dreams.

now i'm 18 17+ and my ambition is to do Doctorate at Universiti Malaya. and it starts from Matrikulasi.
and i MUST. must. must score 4.00 pngk for matrikulasi. because i got B in biology and chemistry and physics in SPM. biscuits. YEAHHHHHHHHH. GANBATTEHHHH.

Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor- where i'll be this 23rd. please wish me luck!


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Congratulation to the Newlyweds!

oh, it was lovely indeed. William looks dashing in red and Kate undeniably looked very very happy. now im begging my mum to copy Kate's dress to put in her wedding boutique :)

however i must be honest- i wasnt as excited as watching Lady Diana and Charles' :( maybe bcoz of jealousy? HAHAHAH not at all. I don't fall for shinyheads. got what i mean? HEHEH. thankfully, the ceremony wasnt as long as the fenomenal 1981 wedding. Then i saw BECKHAM.

his hair is love. her hat is weird. but nice. em. yeah. like songkok.

so William's taken, and so now almost every girls has set their eyes on Harry. or maybe the CP Casiraghi or Cp Amadeo or CP Felipe or CP Felix or CP Carl-Philip or CP blablablablablabalbal.
like any other girls, i too, dream to marry a prince. but my prince is unlike any other Crown Princes. hes special. cuz he's cute.

TADAAA! heheheh. My Wang Zi ('Prince' in Chinese)

gahah. kiddin. just being lame. sorry.

by the way, Congratulations to SPM 2010 leavers who was chosen for Matriculation! Alhamdulillah ^^,  Kita dapat kat Selangor :D:D:D korang cenne? kalau tak dapat, dun worrylah. UPU kan ada ^^, rasa-rasa 6 mei ni kluarlah kot. GoodLuck!

let's end this post with my favourite wedding picture.

Monday, April 11, 2011

can you feel my heartbeat? dup dap dup dap

Eugeni Kolotov for Levis

Can you just believe it? I mean, i'm going to further studies, not in normal school anymore, but in college or university. it's not that i'm not ready, i am, always am. but the thing is...i miss being young, being told what to do so, being small and innocent. now things will go differently. i will organise my own time, jotting down my own notes, doing what adults do. eiiish. just this morning, the very instant when i woke up, i was eager to know when is Matriculation application results out. to cut this post short (because i don't intend to post anything today cuz the mood just isnt there), i'm gonna share with you guys what i just found useful for us, SPM batch 2010, whom applied for Matrics and also UPU :D;D

jeng jeng jeng~
Tarikh Semakan Keputusan Permohonan Matrikulasi : 28 April 2011
Tarikh Kemasukan ke Matrikulasi: 23 Mei 2011**unsure**

Tarikh Semakan Keputusan Permohonan Kemasukan IPTA bagi Program Pengajian Lepasan SPM/Setaraf : 6 Mei 2011 

pasal tarikh kemasukan ke IPTA most probably bulan september ni kot. asasi pulak dalam pertengahan tahun, MUNGKIN. OKEH. MUNGKIN. saya sendiri tak pasti, tapi jangan risau...dorang mesti britaw punye bila bagi keputusan, nono worry kay?

anywayz, good luck untuk y'all!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

trimming it off

been into photography and photoshopping lately.

me had just fallen in love with The Loaf's Cheese & Vegetable Scone at breakfast this morning. oyahh, had to tell you about this boring scone story. i was staring at the scone from the display glass, thinking whether i should take it or not (it took me so long because since im working already im paying for it). hahah, padahal RM2.50 je kot. after 5 minutes blocking other people's view from the scone, i decided to take the tray. oh, there was only 3 scones left and one was flattened already. someone got there before me so i had to wait. and then. and then. and then. she took one scone. NOHH. and she took another one. NOHH U F***ER ITS MA SCONE. the flattened one just lay there waiting for me. then she took it. i just died. i was standing in the queue holding an empty tray, nothing to take.the woman just killed me. and then sudenly, she put back the flat scone. and then took it back. and then place it back. wth. i died and revived repeatedly. what game is this. but finally the flat scone stayed on the glass shelf . ah,leper pun leper lahh. *takes scone and cash away*

newayz, look at what i bought at Watsons! 


I wanted to try using lipbalm eventho i know i'll hate it. there were too many choices but hello kitty is just too cute i cant resist. but i wouldnt recommend it to you if u're searching for a good lipbalm. i loved it just because it's Hello Kitty and that's all about it. 

but but look, it's Rilakkuma! homg comel gile. RM7 je u kno. promotion kat Watson, tinggal satu je pun. HAHAH. Asience pun cheap cheap:D 30 hinggit dapat shampoo, conditioner ngan treatment skali. selalunya 60 hinggit kalau normal price ^^, ohohoho~ keychain winnie pun murahh:D:D ha ko, beli empat skaligus sebab murah sgt.

after that, ibu and me went to Kimarie to get our hair cut. it's been 7 months since we last cut our hair. HAHAHAH. sampai dah jad rambut hantu.  tapi tu dulu, now no more hantu dah lawa. HEEHEE. 

ni dulu. ni hantu.

p/s: overexposed photography:D lawa kan?


then mau tunggu apa lagi...*kachak kachak* amik gamba lorr :D

so now rambut pun dah pendek, nipis...lagi senangla nak jaga :D staff Kimarie pun puji~ awww..heheh.
dorang tanye i gune shampoo ape, i jawablah Asience. dorang kata nak lembut lagi pakai Loreal. i kata ok, bulan depan i beli. baru je beli Asience kot. Hih.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

nom nom at Tappers

Bakal suami kot.

Thank you Aunt Irma! sebab kasi hadiah ^^, hihih. I sayang you sangat~

And guess what?? yuhuuuu~ i just received my pay this morning! so now tengah pening coz tak tahu nak beli ape. Back when i havent got paid, i dah angan-angan mat jenin nak shopping macam-macam. nak beli wig lah, nak beli cropped pants lah, nak beli lomo camera lah, nak belanja family dinner lah, nak beli hadiah untuk cikgu-cikgu tersayang lah, hiih macam-macam. But now, i'm being stingy. If possible , i don't even wanna spend a penny. Teehee.  habis nak bwat camne, bapak orang negori, dasar kedekot nak mampos, bapa borek anak rintik laa..kan ayah? hihih. chill la Yah, kedekut tu memang good untuk kesihatan, cepat kaya kte nanti :D aminnnnn.

okok, back to topic, i actually wanted to promote this bistro at Capsquare, KL. Its called Tappers and it serves light meals such as omelette, sandwiches, pastas and so on. Not that i'm new to this place but i would like to introduce this to anyone who havent tried this place because i do really enjoy the cheese & ham omelette. Hihih.

edited photos:D this is what'll happen when one longes for a lomo camera.

so we all waited after ordering our food and i kept on taking photos because i couldnt find anything else better to do. 

It wasnt long before.....


Mine was Iced Cham-Si eh,rambut aku pun ade skali? and oh well, Cheese & Ham Omelette:D

WOO, everyone was sporting enough to have their photos taken :D 
now look, look, look. ma food is so tastay oooyeah

then tunggu apa lagi...
 kalau tempat dah cantik camni, orangnya pun dah habes cantek uuu prasan.

 self cam lahh.

woo gambar huduh. 

So, conclusionnya...marilah kita semua diet dengan mengurangkan makan nasi putih kerana ia berkolestrol tinggi.

The End.

Monday, April 4, 2011

sleeping beauty has awaken

entah Prince Charming mane yang telah mengucup puteri beradu yang sudah lama lelap di dunia blogging ini. 
Oh, tahu tahu, yang ni kot.


Hello there, y'all~ hahah. gahah. introduction is always awkward to me. be it in forum sites or blogs or in the real world. maybe i always expect people to know me by making friends with me, not by making a short speech in front of unknowns. okay let's start:D

HAHAH i donno wad to sayy.

okok. sorry.

actually there's alot in my mind right now. SPM results was, dowan tell u lah. heheh. rahsia kerajaan lah katakan. 
y'kno wad, y'all could just read my blog and slowly know me, okay? that's better huh?

oyah, i had another blog too, but i shot it dead on the floor because it's too noisy and annoying and so immature. so i just let it rot because i couldnt find the heart to delete it because it was too cute. btw it contains those sweet noisy memories with ma fwens...its a sin to delete memories, kan?

So now, this is my new blog. Where i share my experience with people all over the world, and let the world know how gorgeous life is. Ooyeah i feel big. hahah wth.